Creative Director

Who am I?

I am an Internet entrepreneur, Author, Growth Hacker and Online marketing Consultant.

I do this out of passion; I love figuring out how to solve problems that both business individuals and great companies face in their online adventures.

I am in E-commerce business because I love it; helping others to do business online is what drives me. My mission is to assist those who have no significant presence online to expand their business on the Internet as well as improve the results of those who are already doing business online, but not achieving the results they desire. This includes far more than simply running one’s AdWords account or manage their Facebook fan page, design their web shop or optimize their website for search engines. The true mission is to provide full support, uniquely tailored for a specific customer in order to create a hollistic approach for each business I am entrusted with.

I love writing. I write both non-fiction books about Online Marketing, SEO and Business improvement as well as fiction books under several pseudonyms. I hate mixing my SEO books with mi science fiction flicks. Someone might not be able to tell the difference!

Although I have done virtually everything in Online Marketing business in the past decade, from SEO, SEA, SMM, EMail Marketing to Conversion optimization and A/B Testing, these days I focus on the following areas:

Search Engine Optimization. SEO will stay as one of the most profitable areas in online marketing for the foreseeable future, and with more than ten years of experience in this area I can only encourage everyone to up their efforts in this discipline.

Content Marketing. The next step in the evolution of an SEO expert; a content marketer will plan, produce and seed the best possible content and provide branding and visibility for the company he is working for.

Ebook promotion. Strategies and methods on how to best promote your ebook online, from the writing and formatting tips to the Amazon SEO and online promotions.

Indie games, online games and strategy PC games promotion. With fifteen years of experience in PC gaming and industry, I can help you to best promote your game to the specific audience.