Who We Are


About Vladimir

I have worked as an Online Marketing & E-Commerce Consultant, Growth Hacker and author for over ten years now.

My mission is to provide full support, uniquely tailored to a specific client to create a holistic Online Marketing strategy for each business I am entrusted with.

The goal is to help clients starting their online projects as well as improve the results of those who are already doing business online, but not achieving the desired outcome.

I have spent most time working in the following areas:

Search Engine Optimization. SEO will stay as one of the most profitable areas in online marketing for the foreseeable future, and with more than ten years of experience in this area I can only encourage everyone to up their efforts in this discipline.

Content Marketing. The next step in the evolution of an SEO expert; a content marketer will plan, produce and seed the best possible content and provide branding and visibility for the company he is working for.

Paid Advertising. This is an excellent way to quickly and precisely increase the sales on your website or webshop.

E-mail marketing. Reach your targeted audience through E-mail marketing campaigns and lead them to the conversion funnels.

Online webshop. From building and optimizing your webshop to creating a sustainable online sales business, I can help you achieve your goals on international market or Amazon.

I have written several books about Online Marketing and E-commerce where I shared my practical experiences derived from hundreds of projects in branches spanning from car industries to retail, fashion to yacht charter, literature to high-tech.

This book will help individuals, small and medium businesses to start earning money by selling their products and services online. Discover all the necessary tips on how to start and operate a website or webshop, how to target the right audience and which channels to use to improve your conversion rates and revenue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a volatile area of online marketing, prone to frequent and radical changes. This book will tell you the best SEO practices you should be using in 2017 as well as changes you should be expecting in SEO world. It is primarily focused on Google as a search engine, but is applicable to the SEO channel in its entirety.

This book will help freelancers create a successful and sustainable career on Upwork, the largest freelancing platform in the world by providing them with practical advice on how to avoid many pitfalls that are a part of working on Upwork. Updated for the year 2017.