How to do SEO in 2017How to do SEO in 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a volatile area of online marketing, prone to frequent and radical changes. This book will tell you the best SEO practices you should be using in 2017 as well as changes you should be expecting in SEO world. It is primarily focused on Google as a search engine, but is applicable to the SEO channel in its entirety.

Discover the most effective strategy to improve your Google rankings in 2017!

My primary goal was to pass my observations during my ten years of experience in this fascinating and profitable industry and help people who know what search engine optimization is but are uncertain what kind of strategies they should focus with their businesses in 2017. Also, the added benefit of this book is that all the methods will work not only in 2017, but beyond as well.

Main book topics:

– SEO Strategy for 2017
– What methods will still work in 2017
– What is Rankbrain
– How to do Link Building
– Focus on Content Marketing
– What is Searcher Intent
– How to Disavow Bad Links
– Impact of Voice Search on SEO
– What is Influencer Marketing
– How important is Mobile Optimization
– Pruning your website
– Website Speed improvement
– Do I need HTTPS protocol

This book was meant to provide you with strategic and methodical advice on how to perform SEO in 2017, assuming you are familiar with the basics of SEO. Some core principles will still apply, but there is a number of activities that you need to perform if you wish to stay competitive in this year.